Skyward – The Airborne City


After centuries of sparring, four factions have finally put their differences aside and agreed to combine their strengths to build a better tomorrow. As a commitment to this new alliance, they are working together to launch Skyward – the world’s first airborne city – constructed above the point where all four empires meet.


In Skyward, the Warden deals cards from the central deck and splits them into piles however they see fit. Each player chooses a pile, providing them with buildings and resources.

Being the Warden is a double edged sword. You wield the power of the split but everyone else gets to pick first. Cleverly manage your split by creating piles that your opponents desire, but are not good enough to secure a win, while keeping your own agenda a secret.

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Want to see what the game is all about before pre-ordering? No worries! Skyward is on Tabletopia.

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To see more about Skyward, be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign page for links to the rulebook, 2 player print & play files, how to play video and more.


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