Ninja Dojo Fight! – Print & Play Edition


Break into the Dojo to find weapons before training starts at dawn. Meet with other Ninjas after dusk for an unsanctioned battle of skills and strength. Watch out for the master as he strolls around the campus. Appease the master if he shows up with ramen, his favourite dish!


Ninja Dojo Fight! is a fast paced game for 2- to 4-players. It combines simultaneous action selection with order resolution and a fun, easy to pick up, weapon battle system.

Its small size, and quick game play time, make it the perfect game when you haven't got a lot of time or space. It's ideal for new players, or as a quick filler between games.

Print & Play

Shortly after completing your purchase, you will receive instructions on how to gain access to your Kick'd account. Each Print & Play file includes instructions on how to make your own copy of Ninja Dojo Fight!.