Entropy – Print & Play Edition


Compete to piece together fragments of your reality in order to save your world and return home. A fast-paced game for 2- to 6-players.

Five parallel worlds have collided and you play as one of five characters jettisoned from their world into a place called the Nexus. Through the use of unique character abilities and special actions, players must find fragments of their reality and be the first to piece them back together in order to find their way home.

Entropy is a fast-paced competitive card game of risk and deception, combining simultaneous action selection mechanics with order resolution.

Each player's reality has been shattered into fragments and they are trying to be the first to piece it back together in order to save their world and return home.

Fractured Realities

Each reality is made up of four fragments. Once collected, these fragments create a stunning panorama representing your character's world. Each world is beautifully illustrated by artist Mike Yakovlev.

Temporal Clashes

Each turn, every player selects a single action from the five they have available, keeping it hidden from their opponents. At the same time all players reveal their chosen action.

Entropy uses a clever action resolution system, based on initiative values, to determine play order. The lowest value goes first. But, there's a catch. Should two or more players select the same action, then neither of them get to perform their action. 

Entropy has an emphasis on social interactions where players are continuously trying to second guess each other in hopes their action will resolve. You never quite know what your opponent might play next.

However, there's another twist. Take the Anchor token, using the "Phase Shift" card, and you're now guaranteed that future action will resolve, even if you clash with another player. Careful though, other players can take it from you just as easily, so make it count.

Print & Play

Base Game includes the 44 card basic game, enough to have a 2-4 player game.

Base Game + Expansions includes the same 44 cards, but also an extra 16 cards to support a 5th player, Nexus Playmat and the 8 card Ronin Expansion which adds support for a 6th player. 

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Solo Gameplay Variant

The solo variant rules can be viewed at http://www.ruleandmake.com/games/entropy/rulebook/solo-variant/en-AU