Burger Up – Building Burgers of Epic Proportions


Use the freshest, tastiest ingredients to make the biggest, most mouthwatering, gourmet burgers around. Satisfy your customers to earn money, upgrade your restaurant, and become the best burger restaurant in town.

Burger Up is a card matching puzzle game about the art of burger making for 2 to 4 players.


Burger Up is quick to learn yet offers players a satisfying puzzle challenge of matching ingredients to complete orders ahead of your rivals. While speed is important, the bigger you make your burger, the more rewards you earn. Burger Up offers players a fun and delicious experience in a densely packed game.


Each copy of Burger Up comes with the following items:

  • 21 x Top Bun Cards
  • 4 x Player Aid Cards
  • 72 x Ingredient Cards
  • 8 x Bottom Bun Cards
  • 4 x Spatula Cards
  • 32 x $1 Coins
  • 20 x $5 Coins
  • 8 x $10 Coins
  • Rulebook
  • Plastic Tray Insert suitable for sleeved cards



Burger Up uses 80 x 80mm cards. We recommend our Burger Up - 150 Premium Sleeve Triple Pack. It has enough sleeves for both Burger Up and the Burgers of the World expansion.


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