ATLAS Titan Series Card Case

Please note that our shipping rates have changed since 27 January 2014.

A handcrafted tabletop card case with a detachable cover that turns into a gaming play mat.

ATLAS Titan Series Card Case

When we first set out to create our storage system, we imagined a case that could accommodate a large variety of games. We also wanted to use top-tier materials and be rock solid from top to bottom. The case is bound using Japanese imported linen paper to envelop over thick & heavy 2,400 micron/1,800 GSM greyboard that is three times thicker than standard board game boxes. What we have is a case that is beautiful, durable, prestigious and versatile.


When the cover is detached from the storage box which is held together by a magnetic system, the cover becomes a gaming play mat. The play mat surface is lined with a stunning artwork for the ATLAS Card Case.

With the help of 21 precisely arranged magnets, the case is held securely together when enclosed. The box was designed so the tray and pocket can easily snap onto the play mat without worrying about adjusting for alignment; just snap and go.

Divide and Conquer

The partition system is capable of supporting a wide variety of card games:

Magic: The Gathering Yu-Gi-Oh!
Pokémon World of Warcraft TCG
Android: Netrunner LCG Star Wars LCG
Warhammer Invasion LCG Lord of The Rings LCG
Eminent Domain Epic Spell Wars
Legend of the Five Rings ...and many more

The case comes with six partition dividers which can be used to create 18 different configurations. When all the column dividers are removed, the case can store cards across two entire rows. For more details on the case's specifications, head over to the Specs page.

Little things that count

Update: Thanks to all our supporters! We've sold out of our first edition case and with it, all of our glass counters and branded fleece pouches. Unfortunately, we're no longer bundling complementary glass counters and pouches with our cases anymore. Thanks to the early adopters for supporting us!

Our first edition Tournament Card Case comes with two custom branded fleece pouches perfect for dice or counters. We also filled each pouch with matching glass counters, suitable for any tabletop games.

Postage Rates

Given the relatively low volume of goods we send, postage rates can seem quite high. This is less than ideal for us as we rely heavily on online sales to keep us going. We're currently looking for a new postal service to reduce our shipping rates. For now, shipping is $40 USD for international orders (outside of Australia). Domestic postage is a flat rate of $20. All international orders are sent through via express if available. Expect packages to arrive between 5 to 10 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship my order?
As every box is handcrafted, we are only able to fulfill a small number of orders each week. We usually keep around 50 cases in stock as a buffer but if our stock runs out, typical turnaround time to craft new cases is one week from the date of order.
Given that the box is made of cardboard, how durable is it?
We use a heavy-duty 2,400 micron/1,800 GSM greyboard to create the case and all the internal components. This equates to a 3mm finished thickness. Typical board game boxes are generally from a half to a third of the thickness of our case. The case can withstand 90 kg (200 lbs) of weight!
Where is the box made?
The box is conceived and prototyped in Queensland, Australia. Several iterations of the idea, including concept drawings and 3D modelling are done before rough prototypes are created on-site. Once we are confident with our design, we pass it over to a long-time collaborator located in Taiwan, who is responsible for optimising the design so that it is streamlined for production. The production plant is also located in Taiwan.
What is your return policy?
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. As long as you return the goods in the same condition it was sent in, we will offer a full refund. Note that the refund only applies to the goods itself and not shipping. With damaged goods, we take the common sense approach. If the goods are damaged on arrival, return it to us and we can either refund you or exchange for a new one. In this case, the shipping is on us!
Why don't I see any shipping fees added when I check out?
We use Shopify to power the our website and store. Shopify is great and comes with a sophisticated system for calculating shipping rates to different countries; except, we don't use any of it! Our shipping is a single standardised global rate. Unfortunately Shopify doesn't add any shipping charges until after a customer has added their address and have proceeded to the payment step.
Do you offer retailer or distributor pricing?
Yes, we do! If you're a retailer or distributor, please don't hesitate to contact us.