About Us

The Team: Rule & Make is Allen Chang and Alistair Kearney. We are two guys from Queensland, Australia who love tabletop games; the art of organisation and crafting beautiful things (digitally and physically). We love them all equally.

Allen spent his formative years training to be the best baseball ever, only to discover one day, that being an inanimate object kind of stinks.

Alistair is a counter-intelligence double-agent who triple-crossed his left side and is now working for the right side. Left foot green was the last straw, and he has given up on such confusing party games indefinitely.

Allen and Alistair co-founded an open source software project, called Symphony CMS, which to this day boasts over 11,000 members (spammers inclusive). Symphony has been around for over a decade and is currently used by many high-profile organisations around the world. Despite its success as an open source platform, it hadn't brought the duo fame and riches; which Allen and Alistair don't really care for. So really, it's all good.

From software to hardware, Allen and Alistair are now trying their hand at making physical things with their digits rather than using their digits to make things digitally.

And that's how we started Rule & Make. True story.

The Company: Rule & Make is the trading name of Twenty One Degrees Pty. Ltd. (ABN 63 115 991 681), an Australian registered company.