The Rule & Make Guide to PAX Australia 2016 November 02, 2016 10:31 by David Scott

If you've been following us on social media then you're probably well aware that PAX Australia is now just days away and that we are unbelievably (or, depending on your point of you, quite believably!) excited for three days of gaming and fun.

And if you haven't had a chance to follow our excitement to this point, here's everything you need to know about our involvement at the show. Come on down and say g'day, we'd love to see you!

1. We've got a booth that's quite roomy!
Having a booth at PAX is an investment, but one we're always happy to make as it gives us a 'home base' to chat and play games with all you wonderful people. This year we went and made our booth even bigger! How big? Well this time we actually have space for tables to demo the games we have at the show. You'll find us right near the Magic: The Gathering area in the Tabletop space, booth TT630 for those playing the numbers game...

2. We'll have more games than ever before to play!
Oh boy, it's lucky we got a bigger booth. Here's the full list of games you can play and/or buy at our booth this year, including those by friends of ours who are sharing our space:

Just Chocolate
Tavern Fame 
Smiths of Winterforge
Burger Up and of course, the Burgers of the World expansion
Rise To Power
Robots & Rockets
Ninja Dojo Fight!
Final Fantasy TCG
Overseers (courtesy of Gonzal Aguirre Bisi)
Tatsu (via Gen42 Games)
Hive, as well as the Ladybug, Mosquito and Pillbug Expansions (via Gen42 Games)

3. We're involved in a panel!
At a loose end on Saturday afternoon? On beahlf of the entire R&M family I'll be hosting The Great PAX Tabletop Debate! Our topic? "Is the tabletop gaming bubble about to burst?" Now, we all love games and we want this great industry of ours to continue for years to come, but the rise in popularity of the industy in the last few years has got us all thinking about the future. We thought this would be a great chance to bring some friends and colleagues together from across the Aussie tabletop scene and have a really good pow-wow about it.