The Rule & Make guide to Christmas December 14, 2016 09:52 by David Scott

Believe it or not, we're just 12 days away from another Christmas. What a time of year! It's always full of food, family, friends, festivities...and more than a few gifts to boot. 

So what are we looking forward to most about our festive holiday period? Like all good contemporary businesses (!) we crowd-sourced the a point! We asked the extended Rule and Make family three questions:

  1. What game are you looking forward to spending time with over the summer holidays?
  2. What game are you hoping your friends and family may spoil you with as a gift OR What game will you be giving as a gift this festive season?
  3. What is your New Year’s Gaming Resolution?

The below is their responses. From all of us at R&M HQ, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas and wish you all the best for the journey into 2017 and beyond!


Allen Chang (Co-Founder & Creative Director)

  1. I picked up Round House at Essen Spiel this year. It's by a Taiwanese designer and publisher and has everything I look for in a good, solid Euro game. I also have new-in-seal games of Tammany Hall, Medici (2016 Grail Games edition), Dice City, Grifters and Hero Realms that I’d love to get to the table this holiday.
  1. If someone can find me a copy of Glory to Rome Black Box edition I will be forever in their debt, full-on Wookie style. Alternatively, in a more plausible reality, I’d love to own Alistair’s copy of Leaving Earth.

  2. Play more games. I rarely get to play games strictly for fun anymore.

Alistair Kearney (Co-Founder & Head of Production)

  1. At Essen Spiel this year I picked up Leaving Earth. It’s a super small production run game that looks amazing. The catch? The box is basically a shoebox with a continuous printed adhesive label around it. I’d have to cut into the box and/or label to get at the contents! Oh, what a dilemma. If I cannot bring myself to mutilate the box, I’ll look to getting Grimslingers (by the excellent Stephen Gibson), Hero Realms, and World Without End (sequel to the amazing Pillars of the Earth) to the table.
  1. If someone found me a copy of Pillars of the Earth I will ring Santa and let him know he can take the rest of the night off; it’s nearly impossible to find. Otherwise, a copy of Sushi Go Party or Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil shall suffice (but Santa has to keep working).

  2. I’ve slipped when it comes to attending our weekly gaming club, so it would be nice to get my arse in gear and get there with some regularity. I am afflicted with the “Publishers Curse”, whereby I never find time for anything other than our own prototypes. I also need to find a better home for my games; 50% are in storage, and the other 50% are crammed into a bookcase that’s overflowing.

Jason Kotzur (Games Development Lead)

  1. Christmas is a time for air conditioning and hopefully some big box fun. I’m hoping to get REX, Star Wars Rebellion and Cry Havoc to the table. Plus anything in my pile of shame that is still in shrink. I’d also like to see Fury of Dracula re-themed as a bunch of grinches trying to hunt down Santa now FFG no longer have the Games Workshop license, so we could make it a new Christmas tradition.
  2. Everybody’s getting Codenames! Because everybody should have Codenames.
  3. I would like to play more games and play certain games more times, but they still haven’t released that Dragonball Z time capsule thing to the general public.

David Scott (Public Relations Lead)

  1. I picked up 7 Wonders: Duel and the X-Wing miniatures game at PAX Aus and while I’ve had a few quick games of the latter I’m yet to get the former to the table. That will change this Christmas! Plus, I really need to convince my hotter half to give Patchwork a go...

  2. For the last few Christmases I’ve tried to have a tradition of giving my two nephews a tabletop game as their joint-gift...anything to try and entice them away from the console for five minutes! First, it was King of Tokyo, then it was Camel Up. This year I’m thinking Castle Panic.

  3. I want to spend more time gaming with the people around me who matter most - friends and family. I’m hoping that within a few months we’ll be shifting into a new house, which will provide more space to hopefully instigate a regular tabletop night with my playgroup, especially so I can give the more meaty 3+ player games a go. If we’re feeling really ambitious we might even be able to give Pandemic Legacy a crack…

Barantas (Designer, Hand of Fate Sugoi Bento)

  1. What's a holiday? I'll be working! If I can squeeze in the time I really want to get Dogs of War out again.
  1. I’m getting someone a game as a present. But telling would spoil it! Let's just say it involves a lot of building.
  1. Roleplaying! It's been way too long and with Starfinder coming out sometime in the new year I need to make sure I'm prepared!

Sye Robertson (Designer, Robots & Rockets

  1. Skyrim, Cry Havoc, Grimslingers, Circus Flochati, Medici and many more!

  2. I will probably give people Robots & Rockets or Just Chocolate (yes, I’m biased!), I would love to receive Cry Havoc…

  3. To continue to try to be open minded about games, give them a chance, play things I would not normally play and try to feel what those who love the game feel.

Peter C. Hayward (Author, Skyward novella):

  1. My boyfriend is currently obsessed with Junk Art, so I suspect that will be hitting the table a lot! I also picked up Paperback recently, and so we’ll be deckbuilding a lot of words.

  2. I would love a copy of Zendo, but considering it’s been out of print for over a decade, that seems pretty unlikely. The gift I’m looking forward to giving the most is Clank! - a deckbuilder about sneaking into a dungeon and stealing a dragon’s treasure.

  3. I want to take Gil Hova’s 4P challenge in January. Other than that: keep playing more great games!

Brendan Evans (Designer, Skyward)

  1. I'll be travelling to spend time with my wife's family, so everything needs to fit into carry-on. Sushi Go Party and Durak are what I'm bringing to the table. Megan’s family have a copy of Dixit, so we will get to play that together. If I get time in front of a console with my three siblings, I'll be trying to sell them on Helldivers or Magicka 2 and we will all liberate the galaxy/midgård from the comfort of our couch.

  2. I'm hoping to give my dad Hive (I got a copy at PAX Aus, we played a few games with me and it's now the thing he wants most in this world), and maybe Secret Hitler to Rowan.

  3. I will not accidentally spend four hours playing Sid Meier's Colonisation.
    I will spend more time playing board games with my family.
    I will play a pickup game of Skyward in a game store.
    I will play more Hand of Fate with Michael.

Ellie Jang (Concept Art - Characters, Skyward)

  1. I added Sheriff of Nottingham and Betrayal at House on the Hill to my collection this year, so they’ll definitely make an appearance at the table. I’ve also been itching to start playing Hearthstone again.
  1. I collect tarot decks and have been reading tarot for around 4 years. I’m desperately in love with the Golden Thread Tarot deck, since it combines a modern take on the  art deco/Scandinavian aesthetics and traditional tarot imagery.  I’m crossing my fingers that my clumsy hints haven’t gone unnoticed.
  1. I’m a huge geek for tabletop RPGs, and I really want to set up a regular D&D night again. My recent games have whittled down to one-shot adventures with my fiance, as our friends have moved or gotten busy, and my changeling rogue Antiva Katarina de Goya Mercedes really needs to work on her knife-throwing.

Matthew Lee (Graphic Design, Skyward)

  1. I picked up Abyss at PAXAus this year, so I am looking forward to spending some time with that. I have also become enamoured with Mecha Strike Arena, and am currently building some robots out of cheap shop toys. So hopefully I can finish them up and get them onto the table.
  1. I am on some kind of astronomy kick at the moment, apparently. Hopefully, The Little Prince or Mission Red Planet shows up under the tree. I also wouldn’t turn my nose up at Fallout 4, to be honest.

  2. Play more games, regularly. Maybe even win at one or two. Hopefully become slightly less obsessed with Burger Up.