Table Tyrant Games join Rule & Make September 09, 2016 08:21 by David Scott

Australian game design and publishing studio, Table Tyrant Games (TTG), have officially joined the Rule & Make family!

The new partnership will see the Queensland-based TTG become a division of Rule & Make (R&M) and act as the company’s primary game development studio. The move will help to significantly increase R&Ms capacity to support Australian indie game developers, with the team at TTG working alongside game development lead Jason Kotzur to actively seek out, assess and incubate game submissions from local designers.

As fellow Queenslanders, we’ve been well aware of the good work TTG have been doing over the last few years and their good eye for quality game concepts and execution has been very impressive.

The team here at R&M HQ will be providing support in all facets of game development and publishing to TTG’s projects from here out, with the first co-badged project under the new arrangement to be Smiths of Winterforge, launching on Kickstarter in Quarter 4, 2016.

We’ve long held aspirations about boosting the presence of Australian indie games in the US and Europe gaming markets; we think as many gamers as possible should know more about the innovative ideas, talented designers and down-right-entertaining games that exist in our part of the world! In adding TTG’s game catalogue to our own, and with a burgeoning network of distributors internationally, R&M will now act as TTG’s official representative overseas and we’re hopeful this can help to further boost international recognition of the Australian games scene.

“This partnership excites us greatly,” says Table Tyrant Games’ head of game design and marketing Dylan Shearer. “We’ve known (R&M co-founders) Alistair and Allen since we started making games and have always had a sense of comradery between Rule & Make and Table Tyrant Games, particularly with both companies being based in South-East Queensland. Now, both Aaron and I are delighted to grow both businesses through this alliance, and see our games the hands of more players.”

You can read more about Table Tyrant Games here, while details about the forthcoming Smiths of Winterforge - including a print and play version - are available here.