Submissions Call Out 2017 September 15, 2017 17:00 by Jason Kotzur

Rule and Make is currently open for submissions. We’ll be looking at games from now until the end of November 2017 for consideration for publishing in 2019 onwards. After November, we’re unlikely to consider any new submissions for at least 6 months.

We still find that physically putting the game in front of team members is the best way to pitch your game to us. We’ll be available at a few key events over the next couple of months. For details about how to submit your design, and our contact details, please see our Submission Guidelines.

Jason will be Essen Spiel this year, and will be taking meetings. Send an email to with your game pitch to arrange a meeting.

The rest of the team will be at PAX Australia this year. Email submissions to with your game pitch and we’ll let you know if we’re able to arrange a meeting or accept your prototype for testing.

We’ll also be hosting a small invitational event in Brisbane in mid to late November. Send us an email if you’d like to attend.

Games we’re not looking for right now

Dexterity games, party games or games that have a strong focus on luck over player agency. The core team are generally not very excited to play these types of games, so it's unlikely we would consider publishing any right now.

Games that are very art or production heavy. We’re not ready to launch a new miniatures line or expandable card game just yet.

Games that we might be looking for in the future

Games that fit into our Card Line. We’re considering games that almost solely cards, under 45 minutes. We’ve already got a very strong line up for our card line that will take us through the next couple of years, but this is going to continue to be a focus for us. See Entropy: World’s Collide for a good idea of component scope.

Games that we’re excited for right now

Games that fit in the traditional micro game size. Games of this scope are a good way for us to trial new creative teams, but they have do have limited success in retail. We have a couple of games under consideration that we might bundle together, so we’re more likely to be excited for these sooner, rather than later.

Medium-heavyweight Euros that have the potential for thematic flourish outside pre-Modern Europe (or a generic fantasy or sci-fi setting). Specifically something around the weight of games that nominated or recommended for the Kennerspiel. If you happen to have a design that would fit, we’re currently hungry to explore the colourful Taipei Night Markets, based on the extensive eating experience of our founder Allen Chang

Games that have the potential for partnership with other creatives. We’ve started down this path with Hand of Fate: Ordeals and we’re working with a few other studios on the other side of the digital divide. We won’t be tackling something in the scope of T2029 every year, but if you’ve got a fresh take on an approachable license, we’d be interested in having a chat.

Games from established designers. We’ve got a great circle of very dedicated and talented early career designers, but we want to develop relationships with more established creators outside our immediately accessible circle.

Games that use miniatures to deliver an experience outside dungeon-crawling and tactical or dice-driven combat. We’re unlikely to consider dungeon crawlers, dudes on maps or dice-fuelled combat, but we are likely to be excited by a game that uses these componentsnot a massive amount of them mind youto deliver a fresh experience (like T2029 or Hand of Fate).