Jason Kotzur joins the team August 02, 2016 18:54 by David Scott

It’s been a busy few months here at Rule & Make HQ and no group is more aware of that than the many passionate game designers who have approached us with their pitches. We appreciate the time and effort you all take to send us your ideas and we promise we read them all, even if we don’t respond straight away!

As a result we’re very pleased to announce the arrival of Jason Kotzur to the R&M team who will be heading up our games development area. He’ll be taking a leading role in reviewing all the designs we both commission and receive, and engaging directly with designers around the country to - in his words - “make awesome things happen.”

Many in the Australian tabletop community will know Jason is no stranger to game design. The founder of End Game Games and occasional podcast host of Tablepop, he’s tried his hand at nearly every part of the game production process, from concept through to design and development, graphic design, marketing and publishing. And he’s very optimistic about the future of the local tabletop scene. “It’s like a volcano,” says Jason. “There’s a lot of activity happening underground, but we’ve got a big explosion on the way!”

We asked Jason what the one piece of advice he wished he’d had before he’d started on his game design journey, and his suggestion was to spread your love across multiple projects and ideas. “Games are like plants. You need to care for and nurture them, but you shouldn’t invest everything into a single plant. You should try to grow a garden and then you can pick your best plants to focus on, nurturing them to thrive. All your other plants go to the compost to be reused to make your successful plants stronger. As a game designer, you’ll learn more by exploring game design through multiple games, rather than one darling project.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

So if you’ve got a game you want to pitch to us, do send it through to submissions@ruleandmake.com and introduce yourself to Jason in the process.