Congrats to the winner of August's #BurgerUpLive contest September 02, 2016 10:08 by Alistair Kearney


Burger Up! #burgeruplive

A photo posted by Amy Brown (@amy.laur) on


Congrats to Amy for this shot of her and her playgroup giving Burger Up a go, a photo that duly won her the grand prize in our #BurgerUpLive competition. 

Why this photo? Well (a) it looks like they are having a ball, which we love, (b) there's an obligatory towering burger of awesomeness and (c) they were one of the few entries that were actively using the Kickstarter-exclusive Burger Up coaster. Triple win!

You can check out all the entries to the comp on our Facebook page here. Be warned; they'll probably make you hungry!