All-in-1 for Entropy: Worlds Collide March 09, 2017 10:02 by David Scott

We've been teasing this announcement on social media for a few days now, but we can hold the news back no longer: this Monday, we will be launching a special Kickstarter campaign for an all-new edition of our classic game Entropy!

Part of Kickstarter’s All-in-1 project, the campaign for Entropy: Worlds Collide (EWC) will last just the one week and offer a solitary backer reward - a copy of the game.

You probably have a lot of questions to ask us at this point, such as...

So it's a sequel to Entropy, or just a revised edition?
It’s a reimagining of Entropy. The creative team have put their heads together to redevelop the game, drawing on all the new skills and experience we've picked up since we first began work on the original game more than two years ago.

What are the major changes or improvements on the first edition of Entropy?There's been quite a few changes to  the original game, but we've worked hard to preserve what people loved about the original. Here's a quick overview:


  • A new one-versus-many game mode with the new Wanderer character
  • The “Fracture Event” round structure has been removed in favour of a streamlined single continuous game loop. This reduces ongoing set-up and keeps the pace fast and focused on the action.
  • Players no longer play 4 actions in a round. Instead players can play the “Reset” action any time to return played actions back to their hand. Players will “desynchronise” over time, which adds to the tactical decision making, reducing the chance of accidental clashes.
  • Players can now only hold a single unlocked Shard (formerly called Fragments).
  • All of the action card abilities have been reworked to ensure every action is always useful.
  • Most of the character abilities have been improved and rebalanced, supporting different combination of matchups to remain viable.


  • All new style and design
  • New Wanderer character
  • New Unleash action
  • All of the character artwork has been touched up
  • All of the action artwork has been repainted

Other Improvements

  • Action cards are now portrait orientation to make it easier to hold
  • Action cards have different card back designs assigned to each character. This makes sorting the cards during setup much easier.
  • Ronin got his reality back!
  • …and many other quality of life improvements!

Why take part in the All-in-1 project?
The All-in-1 project is the perfect opportunity for us to run a short campaign for a game that is almost complete. We've been looking for an opportunity to launch Worlds Collide for a few months now, and the timing is now working out perfectly!

Why did you pick Entropy for this project?
Entropy is a game that is near and dear to our hearts. It was the game that put Rule & Make on the map. The original Entropy has been sold out for quite some time now and the team wanted to take the opportunity to update the game with everything we’ve learned over the past couple years. Entropy came from Kickstarter so it’s only natural that the reimagined version of our beloved game is on Kickstarter too.

Don't you have the Smiths of Winterforge and Hand of Fate Kickstarter campaigns to plan - aren't you busy enough?!
Rule & Make have dedicated teams that work on different projects. The Smiths of Winterforge campaign is run and managed by Table Tyrant Games. Our Hand of Fate: Ordeals team is also focused and hard at work on the project. We have a window of time before we launch the Hand of Fate: Ordeals campaign so this is the perfect time for us to do a quick one-week campaign.