It's newsworthy! February 17, 2016 13:13 by Allen Chang

The Rule & Make team had been accumulating noteworthy events for the past couple years but we've not had the time (read: motivation) to put our proverbial ink down on paper.

We think it's about time that we start chronicling such events to give people who are new to Rule & Make a place to learn about our history and offer those that are familiar with our work a canonical place to learn about what's coming up.

All is to say, welcome to our humble abode. Sit, relax and enjoy a nice hot cocoa while we show you a slideshow of our recent family trip to the hinterlands. Look, that's our son throwing up in the back seat after playing his handheld console for far too long.

…we didn't say it was going to be pretty, or interesting. But now that you're here, why not check back from time to time, or if you lack motivation (like us), you could also subscribe to our feed and let robots do all the work for you.