Celebrate International Tabletop Day with R&M April 13, 2016 10:18 by David Scott

There are international days for all sorts of things: Valentine's Day, Pi Day, Stuttering Awareness Day...it stands to reason that there'd be one for tabletop games, right?

Thankfully the good folk at Geek and Sundry also thought this would be a good thing to celebrate, and thus April 30 is now International Tabletop Day. Like we needed an extra excuse to play games with our friends (and even many strangers...) but hey, we'll take it. As Allen said when I asked him about this: there's nothing better than tabletop games because (and I may be paraphrasing) where else can you have such a close, physical relationship with some bits of cardboard and wood?!

To honour all this, we thought a competition would be in order. An International Tabletop Day Swag Bag Grab, if you like. We want as many of you to have a memorable Tabletop Day as possible. 

To do that, we're going to give away one (1) copy of each of our current catalogue of five games to our fans on Facebook and Twitter, including the soon-to-be-released Burger Up. Here's what you need to do:

  • First, take a photo of your games library. Marvel in its awesomeness. It is a good library, but it could be better, you think to yourself in an overly dramatic voice.
  • Send us a photo of said library, either by @-ing us on Twitter or by posting a comment in this Facebook album - we've got the ball rolling with a few shots of our own collections.
  • When you send the photo, tell us: what is missing from your library, and which one of our games could potentially fill that gap, that yearning void, that dark empty spot on the shelf to the left you tried to crop out. Damn, they're onto me your dramatic internal voice says (probably).
  • That's it!

The competition will run from midday Friday April 15 Australian Eastern Standard Time, to midday Friday April 22. Hopefully this means we can send some games your way before International Tabletop Day arrives but if not, they'll be there not long after.

NINJA EDIT 22/4: Competition now extended until 11.59PM AEST Monday 25 April.

We'll pick winners regardless of platform, but will be giving bonus points to the more creative and relevant answers. That's right; if you say "lol i want entropy just coz", you're probably going to have a bad time...