Happy Birthday: Entropy! March 18, 2016 08:36 by David Scott

Well this was a lovely surprise in our inbox Wednesday night.

That’s right — one year ago today, your project, ENTROPY – Thematic Fast-Paced Game of Risk and Deception, was successfully funded. Congratulations again!

I have fond memories of Entropy - it was the game that introduced me to the Rule & Make family (hat-tip to Alistair for teaching me at PAX AUS), and without that, I'd never be here on this site writing blog updates and generally doing cool things with Aussie tabletop gurus. 

So time flies when you're having fun, right?! And by our count, more than three thousand of you have had some fun in the murky and dangerous corners of the Entropy galaxy. Internet high-fives to you - we hope you remade your reality in time for dinner!

We've still got a few copies of the game in stock so if you haven't grabbed one yet, well, think of it as giving us a nice little birthday gift. And if you head on over to our Facebook page, we're running a small competition to celebrate where you could win a signed copy...