Q&A with Rule & Make in The Campaigner March 15, 2016 08:07 by David Scott

Regular followers of our social channels may already be aware, but in case you missed it: this months edition of The Campaigner features an extensive interview with Allen on the history and future of Rule & Make

For instance, on how R&M came to be:

"All we wanted to do was use our experience in creating things together and apply that into our actual hobbies, like tabletop gaming. We weren’t originally going to do game design, it was all just going to be accessories. Obviously that goal changed quite a bit..."

To what guides the team when choosing what games to pursue:

"Our priority is to publish games that make players feel smart. We don’t have a specific style of game we go for, as long as the game has interesting decisions and a certain gameplay ‘cleverness’ builtin."

And even the importance of the Kickstarter community:

"Kickstarter is a great way to get funded but also become more well-known to the community. Having that crowd watching you, and participating in the process, is very important."

We've always enjoyed the way Matthew and the team at The Campaigner have taken a closer look at the people behind the games, and while being the subject of an article is always a bit weird (!) we're glad we could speak about our passion in some greater detail.

You can find out about all things Campaigner, and read the latest edition, here